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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Recently: move, tidy up, settle in

Rainbow at the old flat

Moving day 1: A tour to ikea

Day2: again...-.-;;..

having sushi wiv a friend ..leaving for London soon

bought a basket from ikea for my bags..fortunately some are  envelope clutches that are very thin and flat.~

 Spent days to organize my clothes n stuff.... finally put them into order (kinda) these are common use clothes..(thankfully I collected around 100 hangers from friends who moved or left for their own coutry!!)

Including sheer, blouse, knit wear,tailor,one-piece,accessories(buried underneath)

Jeans,room wear, t-shirts etc were folded in drawers..

Shoes- the designer ones and high-street ones, are in separate places.

!!left no space to hang my winter coats & fur that require more space than those thin clothes....><

A vanilla latte with him at the balcony this afternoon

double wardrobes + rack,desks, left the bedroom space narrower~ yet still cosy and big enough for me(really?)

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