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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Those every girl wants.

   刚刚浏览了Anna Dello Russo的blog.竟然如此花哨!?眼花缭乱的装饰,鼠标上还有星星的!晕。)我想说的是,她最近一篇关于假期要做的十件事情:除了动手劳作,烹调,之外,我发现其余的list,例如 读大量杂志,记下流行key物,列出新一季愿望清单,不就是我平时没事放假时给自己列的表嘛?!(还包括瑜伽和游泳!这个我也列了!)--此清单通常出现在暑假回国前:决定回国呆在家人身边什么也不想,看杂志,做运动塑身,etc来为自己充电。所以每次回来uk后会变fit一点点;变tan一点点;以及大出血买衣服(包含冲动购物之后会后悔的...)
所以我在想,是不是有很大部分女孩的愿望都差不多, 列出的to do list 也会惊人相似?我不会以多热爱时尚自居,不过就是爱shopping,爱打扮呗...  


闲聊time:*前几天跟一个bff 聊起女人衣服多的话题.... 我们不会比较,每次都对对方说:你衣服多些!然后我会说:不!你绝对比我多。因为经常跟她出街shopping,每次绝对会拎n件回家;久不久见她一次 绝对又有鞋要买,有衣服要买。(^^) 典型的购物狂小姐~ 她坦言自己的平价衫早就有一火车皮了~(绝对有)可那不能count的。
还有个做fashion design的BFF ~认识她很多年,自小她也算是‘带我出师’--i.e.带着我逛街。看她逛街买衣服好似批发一样!年纪逐渐增长,过20岁后基本上就是较好品质的衣服了.... 她从澳洲回国,运了20大箱 海运!(运过的同学应该知道那个概念) 稍微平价的已经送人了n箱,现在还有几箱开封也没开.... 家里那么大都摆不下了...

所以每次看到网路上有人表示自己衣服很多很多/评论别人的衣橱说人家衣服好少的字眼,之类的,我都是听听算了 不知作何回应--首先 眼见为实;品味和standard也要考虑在内,不然的话 哪有女人衣服饰品鞋子不多的?

最让我烦恼的问题就是东西杂乱无章,像我前面有篇blog说的,鞋子 包包 小东西 都乱塞,根本什么都找不到,烦死。 没有个稳稳落脚的地方没办法的,总要搬家,伤不起啊我。


one-fits-all clutch by The Row I really loved ...wish can afford it ..

my all time icon The Olsen twins!
I was obsessive about them since 2007..   unique style, true fashion attitude.
plus, I really love the fact that they are so cute yet so cool. Such contrast is very attractive.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Grey, red - 27/8/11

Test shot... ^^ Photo by Wilson
My bargain outfit (excluded these boots):
Top: Topshop, 9 pounds, bought on sale
military trousers:OMG 7pounds
Fringe Clutch: 6 pounds, ASOS
Sunglasses:6 pounds,primark

Ideally, a pair of high heels/platforms would be nice... cuz I am not so sure about such matchy matchy outfit...hard boots+mili bottom...-.-''...
I packed all my heels etc away, cuz I'm moving soon (Yeah!yeah!). plus these Dr. Martin boots however are very comfy indeed...! Should have bought them sooner~

Saturday, 27 August 2011


Havn''t posted any photos on forums(BBS),or did any blogging...I now
found myself a completely idiot!I used to wander around forums and post photos of myself... yet, when I found out someone was stealling my photos and even my identity.. kinda freaked me out.>< .... That was when I stopped posting anything to the public.. 
Now I wanna get back to the cyber world but found myself sort of lost the ability to handle all that stuff.

*Random photos I took last summer

bought at Dubai airport.

rings combination-found these from a lil stall at Dalian

Books ordered online but never read..

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Past year at a glance I

 Halloween outfit~ ^^  

*Self coloured hair~ ^^

Faye‘s Party looks Autumn/Winter 2009

The most annoying matter....

I tend to got really fidgety when I can't get my stuff in order...Meaning...messy wardrobe..
Shoes stuck in one place, coats and jackets in another..own loads of accessories but never manage to find the one I want for a particular outfit... and new things keep coming in.....
My boyfriend warned me many times that I can not buy any more new stuff...cuz the room is already saturated...
>0<!!! Walk in closet needed !!

*Spring/summer wardrobe at a glance.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Friday, 12 August 2011

lazy 'Uniform'

Day trip to lavender farm York.

I was soooo lazy, nd couldn't be bothered to dress up (which I normally do when go on a trip)...

Denim shorts, all saints tee shirt, Havaianas flip-flops ... fromed my skanky outfit for days...

casual July

Last dinner wiv my dearest Ling before she left for China....
Chanel bumps are great driving shoes.

Movie night .
Ankle boots: Jeffery Campbell from IT hk.