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Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas Day, Lucky days

Another delivery arrived!! ('Present' for me everyday !! )lalala

Xmas Red

二肥好乖!good boy!

Fat and furry


Sunday, 4 December 2011

PJ party ! November 11

me with a very matching eye-mask! lol 

wil said he loves this look! 

It was Pajama party...I was wearing a lingerie-alike one piece..I got it from Topshop a year ago. with everything light coloured ...the black chanel bag really stand out..(hate all things matchy matchy! awful~) 

the party was at BED( previous Gatecrasher),always love this venue! so We had a lot of fun dancing in pajamas!!

with the lovely girls! cheese! 

some night out

me in 部屋着,by PJ, very warm indeed!

当有人说短发会不会很多衣服都配不到了!well they were wrong, short hair could go with even more outfits!


怎么总是倒着的!? well...wat the hell! 随便吧


Finally I was called to get up at noon (24th Nov)and managed to go to the store n get this giant thing back!
mission completed!