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Saturday, 9 July 2011


Having Tea at Hotel Room balcony~

and a bit of reading

Day 2- 3:30 pm

Day 2 at Gib.

explore the market place.
*Silk Dress was mum's oldy~ (bought from HangZhou in the 1980s)

Had a bit walk on the dock~
* Dress from topshop, bought on sale!

Apes family!! the dad later on tried to grab my tote!! scared me!!!
He also robbed a man's franch bread~

Great view ~

point out our hotel~ ^^

Love the sunshine and not so hot weather ~ don't forget to put on sun protection tho!

Gibraltar - Day 1

 Escape to the sun~~
Day 1: arrived Gib at noon Monday..Had a brunch ... checked in at the sea-view deluxe room