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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Seafood platter

I have a thing about poncho...tho ppl might stare at you when you walking along the street..
This pair of mustard Jeffery Campbell ankle boots fit every outfit!

Seafood plater....took the two of us 2.5hours and still couldn't finish it...><

American Apparel 3D flower

gosh I gotta stop taking picture of my self in front of the elevator mirror....Lame..><
Proper street snaps needed!

Such as this one! lol
AmericanApparel top..really glad that I chose the white one rather than the nude(pink?) one~
It suits my skin tone!
Dress underneath is second hand; bag from Primark (4 pounds only!) - very light and spacious!
Denim & floural embroidered Sandals from Office (Also on sale!)

Then had ice coffee in Cafe ...

A very rare hot day in Britain.... god the sun was tooo bright...XD

Boating/Animals --Bath

breakfast in Hotels/B&Bs that I had never missed.. just luv the atmosphere~

3rd Day at Bath..Boating day~

Hand made boats by the owner~

The Goose family...

Nice lil lunch in the Bar.

Animals realy cheer me up.

Yeah~Girl Power!(only for a short time..)

Friday, 24 June 2011

Where We Stayed

The Cedars Bed & Breakfast ,Bath
Found at
Newly built modern house. would defo recommend it!

The Roman Baths

Love the necklace by Topman--so Chanel 2011

An ald maxi dress looks not so bad at all .

Me at the Roman Baths.


2 Days Trip at Bath - The Back Yard/ Boating/ at Jane Austen Centre/ Stone Henge